Employee Advance - Employee Pays Back the Loan


If you gave your employee an advance you can easily reduce a paycheck for the employee to pay you back.

  1. Under the Payroll tab, click Paychecks. On the Paychecks page, select the employee's paycheck where you want to repay an advance and click Edit Item.

  2. Click the Add/Remove Rule button towards the bottom right of the check.

  3. Check the Advance Employee Repayment rule.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

  5. Select Advance Employee Repayment on the paycheck and click Edit Item.

  6. In the Value field, enter the advance amount. You do not need to edit any other fields. Click Save.

  7. In the Paycheck window, click Save.

You've successfully entered a repayment. The net wage and gross wage are not affected, but the Payment to Employee is now reduced by the amount of the repayment. The Payment to Employee is the amount that will be paid to the employee when you print a check or execute direct deposit.

See the Amount Owed

Monchilla tracks the balance of an employee advance and updates it when an advance is given or when it is repaid. To see the balance of the employee advance:

  1. Under the Accounting tab, click Register.

  2. Select the account Assets/Employee Advances.

This account shows all of advances issued and how much is still owed.

If you have questions about advances or repayments, contact Monchilla's support team by email at support@monchilla.com or by phone at 1.800.544.3765.

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