Import Open Invoices from QuickBooks Online


If you use QuickBooks Online to manage company data, you can import existing files to your Monchilla account. You simply need to export a .csv file that you can import to Monchilla.

Export from QuickBooks Online

  1. From the QuickBooks home screen, click Reports in the left navigation pane.

  2. In the search field, type customer. Then click the search result Customer Balance Detail in the menu to open the report.

  3. Click the Excel button.

  4. The file is downloaded to your default Downloads folder in .xls format. Open the file in Excel. (If the file opens in Protected View, with a yellow bar along the top, click the Enable Editing button.) Check the formatting to ensure that all columns have correct headings. Click File, then select Save As.

  5. In the Save As window, select CSV (Comma delimited) as the Save as type. If you wish to save to a different folder, navigate to your desired folder location. Then click Save. If you get a notification about compatibility, click Yes.

Now that you’ve exported the file in the correct format, you’re ready to import it to Monchilla.

Import to Monchilla

  1. Log in to your Monchilla account. Under the Settings tab, click Import.

  2. On the Step 1: Import Chart of Accounts page, click the Skip this Step button four times to get to Step 5: Import Open Invoices.

  3. On the Step 5: Import Open Invoices page, click the Select button.

  4. Select the .csv file you just created and click Open.

  5. The selected filename will appear below. (Note: If you selected the wrong file, click the red X to remove it, then repeat the steps to select the correct file.) Then click Import Open Invoices.

If the import is successful, the page will move ahead to Step 6: Import Unpaid Bills.

If the import fails, you will receive an error message. Check your file to ensure the formatting is correct. If the problem persists, contact

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