Update Your State Unemployment Tax Rate


When you create your company, Monchilla provides you with the standard unemployment tax rate for new businesses in your state. The state unemployment tax may increase or decrease based on how often your employees claim unemployment benefits.

If you are notified by the state that your tax rate has changed, you'll need to update it.

  1. Under the Settings tab, click Rules.

  2. Click Rule Variables on the left side.

  3. Select Company State Unemployment Tax Rate and click Edit Item.

    Note: Don't edit your existing rate. Doing so could affect past paychecks. Instead, add a new value.

  4. Click the New Value button.

  5. Provide the date that the new rate goes into effect, leave the end date blank, type in the new rate and click Save.

You've successfully changed the state unemployment tax rate. All paychecks with a status of "Expected" as well as all new paychecks created will use the new rate.

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