Enter a Bill


Monchilla helps you track bills that need to be paid to suppliers.

Note: "Supplier" is the term Monchilla uses to refer to a contractor, vendor, or anyone else who provides products or services used by your company.

  1. Under Expenses, click Expenses. The Expenses page opens.

  2. Click Bill to create a new bill for this supplier. The Bill window opens.

  3. Select the supplier. The expense Account and Payment Terms are suggested based on the supplier profile.

  4. Click the Add Item button to add products purchased from this supplier.

  5. Enter the Name, Quantity, and Price and click Save.

  6. The product is added to the Purchased items. Click Save.

You've successfully created a bill. When the due date arrives (based on the term selected) the bill will turn red to indicate it’s time to pay it.

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