Record an Expense After the Bank


Note: To record an expense before it has cleared your bank account, see Record an Expense.

To record an expense after funds are drawn from your bank account:

  1. Under the Banking tab,click Download.

  2. Select your bank account from the list and set your date range.

  3. The supplier and the expense account are selected for you. Click the green Copy and Reconcile button.

You've successfully recorded an expense after funds have been drawn from your account.

If your supplier isn't selected

If your supplier isn’t selected it might be because you haven't created a supplier profile for them yet. Click on the empty box in the payee column next to the date of the expense and see if your supplier is in Monchilla.  If it isn’t click on the Add a New Payee link. The Supplier Profile page appears.

The supplier name is already filled out based on the description downloaded from the bank. Remove the extra text. If you can keep part of the description downloaded from the bank, Monchilla will be able to automatically match transactions for this customer. Select the expense account for this supplier.

Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

If your supplier isn't selected, even though it's in Monchilla

If Monchilla didn’t automatically select the supplier it is because the description downloaded from the bank doesn’t include the name of the customer. Select the supplier in the payee box.

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