Share Access to Your Company File


You can share access to your company file with multiple users. (Monchilla does not charge for this service.) To invite a user:

  1. Under the Settings tab, click Users. Then click the Invite User button.

  2. Enter the user's name and email address in the fields and select their level of control. Then click Send.

You've successfully invited a user to access your company file.

What Happens Next

If the person you invited has already created a Monchilla user account, they will receive an email to let them know they have been granted access to your company file and that it will be available for them to select next time they log in.  If the user does not have a Monchilla user account, the email will provide instructions to create an account so they can access your company file.

Access Levels

Read Only access gives the person the ability to see your accounting records, but does not let them make any changes.  This access level is best for an investor or partner that wants to understand the business, but shouldn’t make changes.

Write Only access allows the person to record an income or expense without seeing any other accounting information.  This works well if you have an employee that can invoice customers, but shouldn’t see all of your accounting data.

Read/Write access allows the user to see and update all of your accounting data, but some of the advanced settings (including user permissions) are hidden.

Full Control gives the person the ability to change everything, including manage who has access to your company file.

No Access is the same as deleting the user from access to your company file.  They will no longer see the company file as an option when they login. 


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