Downloading Shopify Transactions


Your account functions just like a bank account. Funds are deposited by customers, fees are withdrawn by Shopify (your supplier) and periodically you transfer funds from your shopify account to one of your other accounts (though a Shopify payout). This guide will walk you through downloading your shopify transactions in an accounting friendly format.

Shopify is still a fairly new service so they don't allow accounting software to easily download the transactions, however we built a tool to make this process as easy as possible. 

1.  Click here to go to our Shopify Exporter

2.  Enter your email address and provide a password and then click Register. Make sure you write down your username and password because they are not the same as your regular username and password.

3. On the next screen you need to provide your store name and the email address and password you use to login to Shopify.

4. Your transactions will now download in your browser in a format that any accounting software (including can understand. In Chrome it will be shown in the lower left hand corner of your browser.

5. You are done! now have your Shopify transactions in a good clean format for accounting and you are ready to import them.

Import Shopify Transactions


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