Medicare, Social Security and Federal Income Tax Deposits


Monchilla makes it really easy to make your medicare, social security and federal income tax withholding deposits.

Note: This group of taxes is commonly referred to as 941 or 944 taxes in reference to the form name where the taxes are reported.

Make Medicare, Social Security and Federal Income Tax Deposits

  1. Log in to If you have tax bills due, you will see a warning on the Expense tab.

  2. Under the Expenses tab, click Taxes.

  3. Notice that the tax federal bill that needs to be paid is red. Select it and click Edit Item.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Bill and click the E-pay button.
    Note: If you do not see an E-pay button you need to Enable Electronic Payment of Filing of Taxes. You can also make these tax deposits using the website and simply change the status of this bill to "Paid."

  5. Verify that your accounting info is correct and click the Submit button.

The federal payroll tax deposit will be drawn from your account and deposited with the government.

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