Update Xero after Paying Employees


While Monchilla offers many of the same features of if you are an existing Xero user Monchilla can be used for payroll and automatically update Xero.

Note: Most people that are using Xero for accounting and Monchilla for payroll don't bother with this integration. Instead they pay employees and taxes through Monchilla and simply categorize the payroll related withdrawals as "Payroll Expense" within Xero.

  1. First connect Xero to Monchilla.

  2. Next, pay your employees

  3. Under the Payroll tab, click Integration. Then click the Import Payroll into Xero button.

Your paychecks are imported into Xero.

View Paychecks in Xero

To see your paychecks in Xero:

  1. Log in to Xero. Under Accounts, select Purchases.

  2. The Purchases page shows bills awaiting approval, including your Monchilla paychecks.
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