Import Products from QuickBooks


If you use QuickBooks to manage company data, you can import existing files to your Monchilla account. You simply need to export a .csv file that you can import to Monchilla.

Export from QuickBooks

  1. In the top toolbar, click Lists and select Item List.

  2. At the bottom, click Excel and select Export All Items.

  3. The Send Report to Excel window opens. Select Create a comma separated values (.csv) file and click Export.

  4. Navigate to your desired folder, enter a file name, and click Save.

Now that you’ve exported the file in the correct format, you’re ready to import it to Monchilla.

Import to Monchilla

  1. Log in to your Monchilla account. Under the Settings tab, click Import.

  2. On the Step 1: Import Chart of Accounts page, click the Skip this Step button six times to get to Step 7: Import Products.

  3. On the Step 7: Import Products page, click the Select button.

  4. Select the .csv file you just created and click Open.

  5. The selected filename will appear below. (Note: If you selected the wrong file, click the red X to remove it, then repeat the steps to select the correct file.) Then click Import Products.

If the import is successful, the page will load a message saying you have imported your data successfully, and will automatically redirect you to the Reports page.


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