Create an Employee


When you create an employee, Monchilla automatically creates all expected employee paychecks.

  1. Under the Payroll tab, click Employees.

  2. Click Create Employee.

  3. Enter your employee's personal and contact info. If the employee is an independent contractor, check the 1099 box. (If the employee is W-2, leave the 1099 box unchecked.)

Add Employee Tax and Banking Info

  1. Add federal tax information, then click Save.

  2. Add state tax information, then click Save.

  3. Add compensation, start date and vacation days, then click Save.

  4. Enter employee banking information for direct deposit, then click Save.
    Note: If the employee will be paid hourly, be sure to assign them to a project (even if you don’t really use projects) so that Monchilla can use the number of hours assigned to generate paychecks. For more information, see Assign an Employee to a Project.

  5. Select your employee pay schedule and time account, then click Save.

Your employee is ready for work. To see the estimated paychecks for this employee, under the Employees tab, click Paychecks.

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