Configure Pay Schedules


Before you enter employee information into Monchilla, make sure you have a pay schedule that matches your pay periods. For example, if you pay employees every two weeks, you can use the biweekly pay schedule.

Note: See Choosing an Employee Pay Schedule to make sure you know what pay schedule is best for your company.

When you create a pay schedule, you'll select a payday and specify the number of days after the pay period ends until employees will receive paychecks.

You can use an existing pay schedule and modify it to your needs, or create a new pay schedule from scratch.

  1. Under the Payroll tab, click Payschedules. The Payschedules screen opens.

  2. Click the pay schedule you want to modify, and then click Edit Item or click the green Create Pay Schedule button. The Pay Schedule window opens.

  3. Edit the fields in the Pay Schedule window as needed. Required fields have an asterisk next to them. The Pay Schedule window contains the following fields:

  • Pay _ days after close of pay period: This is the number of days after the pay period ends in when paychecks are cut (7, 14, 21 or 28 works best).

  • Pick a Pay Period End Date: Use the calendar icon to select one of the end dates of the pay period. This is not the paycheck date, but the end of the pay period.

  • Pay Period Recurrence: Use the radio button at the top of this section to select how often the pay period repeats, either daily, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly (more than once a month) or yearly. Based on the radio button selected, the area under the radio buttons changes, allowing you to enter more detailed information about the pay period.

  • Notes: Enter any notes about this pay schedule.

    When you've entered the information, click Save.

You've successfully configured your pay schedule.

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