Importing Bank Transactions


If your bank doesn't support automatic download, or you need old transactions your bank is no longer publishing through automatic download, you can upload those transactions from a file. 

Select a Supported Format

  1. Open the data file to be imported.

  2. Examine the format of the data and choose the template link below that best fits your needs:
    - Use Importing Bank Transactions Template 1 if the data has a single “amount” column that is positive or negative
    - Use Importing Bank Transactions Template 2 if the data has a separate column for credit and another column for debits to represent deposits and withdrawals.

  3. In the template, click File and select Make a Copy.

  4. Name the file (e.g. “Transactions to import 9/10/13”) and click Save.

  5. Close the template (but keep your new copy open).

Enter Your Transactions in the Template

  1. In your copy of the customer transaction spreadsheet, delete the sample data. Be sure to leave the top row intact.
  2. Copy and paste your existing transaction data into the spreadsheet in the correct columns.
  3. Click File, select Download As, and then select Comma Separated Value (.csv) to download the file.

    The file downloads to your default Downloads folder.

Upload Your Transactions into Monchilla

  1. Log in to Monchilla and open your company file.
  2. Under the Banking tab, click Download.
  3. Set the date range to reflect the dates of the transactions you're importing, then select the bank account to import the transactions into. If you don't see your bank account listed, follow the steps to Connect to Your Bank or Add a Bank Account Manually.
  4. Click the green Import Transactions button.
  5. Click Select and select the .csv file you just downloaded.
  6. Verify that the transactions have been properly imported into Monchilla by making sure they are visible on the Banking>>Download page.

You've successfully imported your bank transactions to Monchilla.


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