Assign an Employee to a Project


To track employee expenses associated with a project, assign the employee to the project.

Note: Hourly employee paychecks are estimated based on the projects assigned. Even if you don’t track employee costs per project, you can assign an hourly employee to a project to estimate the number of hours on future paychecks.

  1. Under the Income tab, click Projects.

  2. Click the project to select it. Then click Edit Item.
  3. Click the Employee tab and then click the Add Employee button.

  4. For each employee you want to assign, enter a Start Date, End Date (if known), the Expected Hours Per Week the employee will work on the project, and check the Select box. Then click Save.

  5. The employee is now assigned to the project. Click Save.

You've successfully assigned an employee to a project.

Note: You can also assign an employee to a project from the employee's profile on Payroll > Employees.



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