Create a Project


To track income and expenses for a specific job, create a project.

  1. Under Income, click Projects. The Projects page opens.

  2. Click Create Project. The Project window open.

  3. Enter project information into the Project window. Required fields have an asterisk next to them. The Project window contains the following fields:

    - Project Name: The name of the project.
    - PO Number: The optional purchase order number of the project. The customer may issue this to you for the project.
    - Customer: Click this menu to select the customer for this project.
    - Payment Term: When you create a new invoice for this project this term will be suggested.
    - Income Account: The default is usually fine, but if you want to track income using another account select it here.
    - Receivable Account: The default is usually fine, but if you want to track money you are owed on this project using another account select it here.
    - Description: An optional description of the project.
    Note: You can use the Time tab to Associate Billable Time to this project and you can use the Employees tab to Assign Employees to this project.

  4. After you have entered all project information on the Project window, click Save. 

 You've successfully created a project.

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    I have added the project, but the hours do not carry over to the paystub. I still see the default of 40 hours

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