Create an Invoice


You can create an invoice to send to your customer.

Note: If you need to record income without creating an invoice, see Record Income.

To create an invoice:

  1. Under the Income tab, click Income

  2. On the Income page, click the Invoice button. 

    The Invoice window opens.

  3. Select the Date and the Customer. The Account is suggested for you based on the customer profile, but you can change it. The amount is determined by products that are added to the invoice.

  4. If you have already Created a Product for this invoice select a product. The price is added for you.
    Note: If you have a large number of products, you can type the name to more quickly to select the product from the list.

  5. Enter the quantity and click the Add button.

  6. If you want to add a one-time item, you can either select a product and make changes or just type a product name, description, quantity and price and then click Add.

 After creating an invoice, you may want to Email an Invoice or Print an Invoice.

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