Troubleshooting Missing Employee Hours


If an employee's hours aren't reflected on their paycheck, and you've already Set Up Employee Time Tracking:

  1. Open the paycheck in question. Note the pay period. (In this example, the pay period is 1/11 through 1/17.)

  2. Now click the Time tab in the top left and change the date range to match the pay period.
    Note: If you are not logged in with the email address you use for employee time tracking, click logout in the top right and then log in with the correct account.

  3. If the employee’s name is listed under the People filter on the left, select it to see the hours logged. If the employee is not listed, there are no hours logged by that employee for the pay period in question. If the hours are logged correctly for that employee, note the email address below the name (in this example it is 

  4. Click Money in the top left corner, select your company file if needed, and then click Payroll.

  5. Select the employee with the missing hours on their paycheck and click Edit Item. Scroll to the bottom of the employee profile and verify that the same email address and Time account is selected.

If all information appears to be correct, but the problem isn't fixed, contact for help.

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